Join the world’s biggest actions to transform energy systems

Join the world’s biggest actions to transform energy systems

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Reclaim Power 2016

Reclaim Power 2016

The energy sector is dominated by fossil fuels, making it the leading cause of the climate crisis. It also fails to meet basic electricity needs for over 1 billion people. To tackle climate change and inequality we need an energy transformation. This October, join hundreds of communities worldwide as we take action to support safe, clean, democratic energy! Click here to join.



Across the world, people are taking action to:

  • Stop new dirty energy projects!

  • End public handouts to dirty energy! Divest from fossil fuels!

  • Redirect funds and pursue a swift and just transition to democratic, pro-poor, renewable & clean energy systems for people & communities

  • Stop excessive energy consumption by corporations & elites!

  • Ensure universal energy access for basic needs of people & communities!

  • Advance energy democracy that promotes solutions to the climate crisis, to energy poverty, and to the degradation of both land and people, and upholds workers’ rights and protections


For materials to help you take action and Reclaim Power, visit our resource page. We have put together an action toolkit and a media toolkit.